A hackathon taking it back to the old school & allowing you to hack awesome stuff of your own accord!

A hackathon taking it back to the old school, so hackathons used to be about getting together and having the space to create something new/brilliant stuff of your own choosing. In the spirit of that thought this hackathon is about daring to build that impossible something that is unique, may not not work or a totally niche hack that makes you tick. No matter if your hack works, we want you to use this day to work on your own or as an individual to bring these totally out of left field ideas to the surface.


Sign up here: http://insanityhackathon.eventbrite.co.uk/

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Individuals or teams.


You need to create a hack on 23rd Nov and present it at the end of the day to be judged at the venue the hackathon is taking place. All hacks must take place at Innovation Warehouse.


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Ralph Stenzel, CTO and Co-Founder Dreamstake

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Steve Karmeinsky, CoFounder City Meets Tech and Lean Capital Ltd

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Louis Sayers, Growth Hacker and Founding member at Driftrock

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Ami Shpiro, Serial Entrepreneur and Director Innovation Warehouse

Judging Criteria

  • Insanity Hackathon judging guidelines
    Technical Wow! Application Design/UX A good explaination of the hack & it's application